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    1. 全国统一服务热线 400-689-8970

             力佐工业设备(上海)有限公司主要致力于高空升降作业方案规划和仓储物料自动化搬运方案设计的配套型企业;为企业客户提供现代化的高空作业和物流搬运整体解决方案和专业的技术支持服务;公司本着”以客户的利益和需求为企业核心价值”的原则,遵循以专业、高效的企业理念,服务和推动伴随着国内企业经济高速发展带来的巨大市场和行业需求,以“追求卓越 创新进取”的企业精神,致力服务于不同行业的企业客户,力争成为高空作业平台和物流搬运设备行业领域内优质供应商。

      LIZOOM industrial equipment (Shanghai) co., LTD is a high-tech company focusing on program plan for aerial work and program designing for storage and materials handling. LIZOOM provides customers with overall solution and professional technical support for modern aerial work and logistics handling. With the principle of “the interest and demand of clients as company’s core value” and following professional and high-efficient corporate idea, LIZOOM serves and pushes forward the huge market and sector demand brought by the advanced development of domestic corporate economy. With the enterprise spirit of “pursuit of excellence, innovation and progress”, LIZOOM dedicates to serve customers from different industries, striving to become the high-quality supplier in the field of aerial work platform and logistics handling equipment industry


      Since its establishment, LIZOOM Industrial Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has provided product services and technical support to many state-owned enterprises, private large and medium-sized enterprises and well-known Fortune 500 companies, and has maintained long-term good cooperative relations. In the mainland of China, with the continuous development of the company; through direct or indirect cooperation with some large domestic enterprises, the aerial work equipment and storage handling equipment have been applied to railway, aviation, wind power, pharmaceutical and other fields. We are constantly striving to upgrade product performance and improve standard service processes; to meet the needs of customers in different fields at home and abroad to provide safer and more efficient product service and technical support!